WOW Daycare | Unisan Group


WOW daycare is a non-profit organization focused on providing childcare svcs to low income families.  When their current landlord required the space the daycare occupied for their own use, WOW and its board of directors turned to Unisan for assistance w/planning & building out a new location.

Project details
Project type Design, Engineering, Construction Management
Client WOW Marysville Location
Completion date August 2018
Scope of work

Ultimately WOW decided to move into a vacant space in the nearby Union County Ymca. To accommodate their code and use requirements in the new space, Unisan was tasked with several significant upgrades to the building systems. Despite a 45 day delay in completing the project, overall the customer was satisfied with the outcome of the finished space. Comments regarding Unisan’s work:

The Unisan team was very professional and responsive.  One of the most valued attributes was great communication during the project.-J. Crawford.

  • Design new space
  • Renovate new area
  • Assist with relocation