Tiffany Britton | Unisan Group

Tiffany Britton was born on the island of Barbados nicknamed “Beautiful Barbados” because of its crystal-clear waters and shockingly white sand.  Because of her outgoing nature and willingness to talk to anyone, Tiffany had early ambitions of becoming a counsellor or social worker.

However, as time has gone on Tiffany chose a career path at Unisan in customer service and furthering in marketing, giving her the opportunity to speak to many clients throughout her day.  Her favorite part over the last 7 ½ years at Unisan is solving customer issues and thinking outside the box to accomplish a task.

Before she started her career path at Unisan, Tiffany worked in the summer holidays at Tecstone Granite doing data entry, order entry, and of course customer service.

Outside of work Tiffany enjoys travelling all over the globe, quality time with friends, and eating Mexican food namely guacamole and chips.  Her favorite quote is NEVER, EVER, GIVE UP!!-Winston Churchill