Neil Johnstone | Unisan Group

Neil Johnstone grew up in the near west suburbs of Chicago in River Grove, Illinois.  He then moved in 2002 to central Ohio: first Gahanna, and now lives in New Albany.  Neil has always wanted to be a sales professional…apparently as early as 5 he said “I‘m going to be a salesman when I grow up”.  After graduation from high school, Neil worked in the production line at his family business Millwood Services and then continued on to work in Business Development at different firms both here and in Chicago.

He then joined the Unisan team 3 and a half years ago first in business development on the supplies side and then on the construction side as principal.  He works in interior commercial design and construction strategies for office, healthcare, institutional, and investment properties. What he likes about working for Unisan is “being given ‘rope’ to grow and not being stuck in a limited role or position culture of feedback where you can be a contributor and a leader in your own right.”  One of Neil’s favorite quotes is: why ever go into a battle without first being sure of the outcome?  And he really enjoy’s Simon Sinek’s “ What is your Why?”

Neil’s non work related talents or skills are:  painting, drawing, research, financial planning, ability to search out and understand what I don’t know enabling focused learning.  When he’s not at work he enjoys reading, training, spending time with my wife and daughter, planning, doing things for others. His biggest pet peeves are lazy people, lack of purpose and vision and not achieving key priorities and goals.  His favorite food is spuds!