Bob Johnstone | Unisan Group

Bob Johnstone was born in Chicago, Illinois renowned for Chicago-style deep dish pizza, the Sears tower, and many museums. When Bob was younger he aspired to be an auto mechanic or construction worker. When he got older he worked in his family’s business.  Then he moved to Columbus, Ohio in the early 2000’s and worked for friends in construction-related positions.

Two and a half years ago, Bob joined the Unisan Team to be a Project Manager in the new construction side of the business. As a project manager he provides technical support to the sales team, and overall management of open projects.  He really enjoys assisting with the start-up of a new division, which he believes has great potential!

When Bob is not at work he enjoys spending time with his family, working out, and taking courses related to his career. The person that has had the strongest impact on him is his wife of 36 years. They have five children and 5 grandchildren. Family life, and what is needed to promote and sustain strong family values, are the core to all that he and his wife pursue.  The values which motivate him most are:  honesty, integrity, transparency, and accountability.

His favorite meal is a traditional one of meat, potatoes, and vegetables.