Ben White | Unisan Group

Ben White grew up In a row of 11 houses on a busy road in Stratford upon Avon in the UK, and behind the house were open fields that led down to the river Avon. Early on in his life Ben wanted to become an electrician, as his father was in the trade. Ben fulfilled his dreams by doing electrical work for 6 years and the sales of cleaning equipment for 4 years.

Ben has now been working as a managing director of Unisan for 18 years.  He both runs the company and has been involved in sales. His best part about working at Unisan is the good atmosphere and great employees. He is driven by the values of compassion, purpose, respect, transparency and perseverance.

Ben has been noted to be very practical with his hands in the areas of: construction, woodworking, metalworking, and welding.  He really enjoys time with his wife and 2 childrens, working on his house and swimming outside of work. His idea of a perfect meal comes with no surprise with an English heritage: Fish & Chips!

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