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Why You Need Touch-Free Restroom Technology in Your Office

Why You Need Touch-Free Restroom Technology in Your Office

A clean, appealing restroom reflects how much you care about your working environment and those who work in or visit your building. That’s why it’s important to consider motion-sensor faucets and flush systems in your renovation or new build. A professional designer will not only be considering the convenience these touchless devices offer, but the overall hygienic improvement to the bathrooms, kitchens and common areas.

Faucet and Toilet Handles are Germ Breeding Grounds

Sinks and faucets harbor a variety of germs waiting to cling to our fingers and hands. After using the toilet, with our unwashed hands we turn faucet handles on and then with clean fingers we turn them off, recycling those same germs along with a few new ones – and leaving some for the next person. Germs are also lurking in those little puddles of water that collect under the handles or on the counter.

Similarly, the spread of germs and cross contamination issues can be found when using manual-flush toilets. Traditional flush handles also require repairs more frequently due to broken handles and seals between valves. 

Why should you consider smart sensor fixtures?

With no handles or buttons to push, your staff, clients or patients will have fewer surfaces to touch and fewer opportunities for cross contamination of bacteria. Here are a few more advantages:

  • Touch-free fixtures waste less water. The faucets dispense water when a hand triggers the sensor. Remove the hand and the flow of water stops. There is less of a risk for accidentally leaving the faucet on or letting the water flow while lathering your hands with soap or grabbing a paper towel.
  • Since there are no handles to replace or clean throughout the day and no build up of corrosion around handle bases, cleaning crews will find it easier and quicker to uphold a required level of cleanliness and maintenance will have fewer repairs on loose or broken handles.
  • Sensors on auto-flush toilets can be set to flush more frequently, helping to prevent clogged toilets.