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Why a Green Office Means More than Sustainability

Why a Green Office Means More than Sustainability

It doesn’t take much online research for you to find study after study that focuses on the financial benefits to companies that implement sustainability and green-office practices.  The general conclusion of the studies indicates that the majority of customers are willing to pay more for products and services from businesses that practice eco-friendly habits. These are habits which are the basis for a good interior-office design and promote a positive work environment and employee well-being.

Embracing a Green Work Environment Can Mean Happier Employees and a More Stable Workforce

Going green has as much to do with your office culture as it does with the products your company creates and the services your business offers. Employees value a business that shows respect for them. By including a green-office environment as part of your corporate wellness initiative, you’re telling your employees that you value and appreciate them. By placing nature photography on the walls and scattering green plants throughout the work area, designers are creating a connection to nature which helps create a more relaxing, enhanced environment and improved employee morale.

Korn Ferry, a global- organizational firm, polled nearly 5,000 professionals in 2018 to find the reason why they were looking for another job. Wanting a higher salary came in fourth place as a reason for leaving their present position. What were the top three reasons for looking for a new job?

  1. 33% wanted a new challenge
  2. 24% didn’t care for the company culture
  3. 3% were uncomfortable with the company politics

While money is important, it isn’t the only reason your work force moves on to other jobs.

How can a Green-Office Design Keep Your Employees Happy and Continue to Enhance Your Corporate-Environmental Credentials?

Light! Simply use more natural light, pouring through floor-to-ceiling windows or skylights. A survey of 200,000 employees worldwide found that 77% felt a naturally-lit environment was important to them.

Here are four examples of how interior design teams are creating brighter interiors in new builds and office renovations. In addition to natural light, they are brightening interiors by:

  1. Painting walls in light colors
  2. Using mirrors on walls and shiny surfaces on table tops to reflect light
  3. Lowering the height of cubicle walls to allow the natural light to reach interior work spaces
  4. Using higher ceilings to create a sense of greater space and light.

Seasonal Affective Disorder, SAD, affects many employees who travel to work and home in winter’s darkness and spend their days and evenings staring at TV and mobile devices. Savy office designers recommend including circadian lighting that mimics sunlight in areas of the corporate office where employees don’t receive a daily dose of natural light.

Green-office designs often include interior gardens or a wall of living green to assist in maintaining clean air and a sense of wellbeing for employees. This essence of nature won’t just boost your eco-friendly credentials, but will show you care about your staff as people. Positive workforce morale fosters a culture of teamwork and pride in the company’s accomplishments.

A company dedicated to sustainability and utilizing green office-design techniques will be perceived by employees, investors, board members and the general public as a sincere and trustworthy organization. What a benefit to a company’s bottom line!



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