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Where is your office headed? Top 3 workplace trends to watch for.

Where is your office headed? Top 3 workplace trends to watch for.

In today’s world, there are many different workplace trends to keep a watch out for. You want to make sure that your idea of what is happening is actually what is currently trending. Keep up to date with some of the points below:

Analytics data on employees

More data on employees is being gathered than ever before on all aspects such as communication patterns, geographical locations, and health trackers. Things like smartwatches have become a widely used health tracker for employees. With all these great data trackers though, as an employer you must be advised that you need to communicate with employees if you are tracking them and let them know why.

Rise of freelance/contractor

The gig economy is also another shift on the employee pool as well. It seems more people are doing work on an individual freelance basis or doing things as part of contractor work. Turnover is also quite high as younger employees don’t generally stay at any business more than an average of 5 years. Your best thing is to try and retain your top talent but be prepared and accept the changing employment pool. You need to be aware of changes that are affecting employees around the nation.

How to work with younger generation

Gen Z are the younger people coming into the workplace. They are about 23-25 years of age and will be impacting your employee pool. They are the ones who are coming out of college fully equipped and totally internet centric. They will be changing the workplace. In order to make your business attractive to them, you need to get your tech side in order. They will probably opt for a more flexible work schedule as well. Potentially even, these new employees will ask to work from home.

There is a new culture in today’s world and the best you can do is be adaptive.


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