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Trends in office renovation

Trends in office renovation

Trends are the general direction in which things are developing or changing…in the world of office renovation there are yearly trends and pop up trends depending on the culture, dynamics, and of the people in that area.

What color should I pick?

Have you heard that the Pantone color of 2019 is living coral? This is proof that you must be flexible in your thinking and open your eyes to the many changing trends in office renovation and office design…

Color combinations and color wheels are just a click of a button away…There is something for everyone from vintage hues to modern palettes. Take your pick, there is a choice to fit every style and need.

Going Green isn’t just a fad

We’ve heard the term “green products” many, many times in the last few years, in fact it seems to be one of the new buzz words around. Well guess what…there’s a whole new level to going green: Greening the office! From moss walls to rooftop gardens and making the office all round “green.” These additions to the office have been helpful in bringing natural elements back indoors. It’s been proven to add energy and creativity to employees when you bring the indoors back inside. It also creates a dimension to an otherwise blah space.

Textures over and above

With simplistic designs and minimalistic offices these days, textures and patterns are on the rise to give the space character. Textured elements even in a monochrome schemed office such as textured or fabric walls, or a piece of textured ergonomic furniture can be added to a room to make it unique.

All access buildings

There are many, many buildings with all access for the wider community but some building still have narrow entrances, hallways and doors to amenities which make it difficult for those with assistance be it walkers, wheelchairs or some type of assistance. However there are more strides being made and technology coming from self driving wheelchairs to adaptive chairs. Office remodeling companies are making provisions in their plans for the new changes that can come about especially the more open plans that have been on the rise over the last few years.

Technology on the Rise: AR & VR

Ok so speaking about buzzwords: Augmented reality and virtual reality have been on the top of the list in the last year or so. It has been discussed, argued and hashed out on social channels, overall being given a large portion of attention in the world of tech.

For those in commercial renovation, it is an ever changing world, with more to come!


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