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Top Tips for Renovating Your Office Bathroom

Top Tips for Renovating Your Office Bathroom

Potential employees consider a lot of factors when making a decision about a new place of employment, salary, benefits and team cohesion are the big ones, but they’re also looking at your workspace. Are they going to be trapped in a cubical all day? Will they be able to see the sun while they work? Does the bathroom have video games? There have been some major changes in office design over the last 10 years, and the office bathroom is finally getting the attention they need. The following are some tips and considerations for renovating your office bathroom.

Use a Clean Color

No one loses when your office bathroom looks and smells clean. White, a very popular paint color, reflects purity and cleanliness and can make people feel as if they’re in a clean zone. But, design professionals know that dirt and marks have a heightened intensity on a white background. If you’re set on white, consider using “blanco” from the middle of the wall to the ceiling. Then paint the lower half of the wall a different bright color, which is less likely to magnify smudges, or select wallpaper. Just make certain that the paint or paper has an easy to clean surface.

Show Your Employees You Care

Basic personal comforts in your restroom send a clear message about your company values and how important your employees and clients are to your work environment. Designing bathroom stalls with floor to ceiling walls gives a greater feeling of privacy than partitions. Some studies have shown that using white noise or background music in the toilet area can increase the user’s perception of privacy. Installing bag hooks and wall shelves, on springs which automatically close when not in use, are small comforts that are greatly appreciated in this very private space. Large mirrors over the sinks and a full-length mirror on a wall, as well as tissues and mouthwash on the counter, will help your staff be ready for pop-up meetings with clients.

To eliminate odors an exhaust system alone may not be adequate. Consider installing an odor control system that neutralizes smells. A Rest room can look clean, but if there are odors our perception of cleanliness will be tainted.

Unfortunately it isn’t unusual to hear someone answer their phone in the stall next to yours, another good reason for floor to ceiling bathroom dividers! If you have space, design an area separated from the toilets and equipped with a couple of comfortable chairs, a small table and WiFi access. Here your workers can have a moment to relax, use their phones or notebooks and your clients can take a moment to freshen up.

Let Your Bathroom Renovation Inspire You

You can’t go wrong with traditional decor or the more modern industrial look, but some companies have become quite creative and use their bathrooms or office walls as a way to enhance their brand or share their values. Imagine a shoe company or store having various popular shoe designs that have been sold through the years painted on the washroom walls or an advertising firm painting one bathroom wall with blackboard paint and using chalk to write unusual quotes or advertising slogans. A book store might have a wall covered with visiting authors’ quotes and autographs and a paint or art store could invite artists to paint city art installations on the shop walls. Whatever your brand, there is an interesting and creative way to celebrate it.


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