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Tips for Choosing The Right Paint Color For Your Office

Tips for Choosing The Right Paint Color For Your Office

Fall, and the Colors are Vibrant

That invigorating season of clear skies, sunshine, crisp, cool mornings and…Color!
Whether you’re choosing the colors for your new office fit out, or simply giving your office space a boost with fresh paint, bear in mind that color has a definite effect on human behavior.
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Energy in Nature

The chilly autumn breezes warn us to get ready for winter. We make sure that our premises are in good shape to survive whatever winter is planning to sling at us.
For some, the squirrel instinct kicks in and freezers and mason jars are filled with good things to eat.
So where does this energy come from? Is it just the fear of cold, wet and hunger, or could there be something more? Perhaps some magic in that deep blue sky, or a secret hidden among those flaming reds and golds?
Well, you could almost say there is. Angela Wright, a famous color psychologist studied the effect of colors on people’s mood and behavior. She gives an overview in her paper ‘Psychological Effects of Colours’.
So let’s take a look at how to create a dynamic office environment by using the appropriate color schemes.

Primary Colors – a good place to start


This primary color tends to be positively associated with peace and relaxation (light blue), or negatively with sorrow and gloom. But some studies have shown that it can help you to think creatively! Think of the deep strong blue of the autumn sky. You can put both of these factors to work for you, by choosing the right color blue, or teaming it with other colors to rule out the gloom factor.


Another primary color, yellow denotes optimism, vibrancy and happiness. In addition to this, its wavelength is long which makes it easy to see – a good choice when you want to draw attention to an area. Lighter shades of yellow can be comforting and cheerful, but use it in moderation, as it’s also tiring on the eyes, and too much can be irritating.


Possibly the most obvious of the 3 primary colors, red denotes urgency: – Stop now. On Sale now. Buy now. Physically stimulating, it’s used successfully on construction sites and in factories.
Red can bring out aggression in the human beast, but in small doses, as a contrast to white, blue or grey, it can give an effect that is organized and classy.

Expand your Choices with Secondary and Tertiary Colors

So once you have crystallized what atmosphere you’re hoping to achieve, look at a color wheel, and you will find more choices than ever.


This is the most comfortable color for our eyes to look at. That’s why it’s often chosen for medical environments and waiting rooms where you want people to relax.


Here we have a comfortable way to warm up a grey area. It encourages thought and works well teamed with charcoal-colored flooring. Pops of yellow as a complementary color or white trim can lighten the mood. Also good for waiting rooms.


A warm color tucked between red and yellow, orange speaks of fun and energy. If you’re looking for a vibrant accent color that doesn’t spell kindergarten, this is it.


Technically a tint of red, pink is seen as its own colour. Sometimes thought of as strictly a feminine color, it can be powerful in a color scheme when used intelligently.


You can’t go wrong with neutrals. Or can you?
As a starting point, light neutrals, grey, beige or greige, can give a feeling of spaciousness to your office interior. But be careful, grey-to-blue can look cold especially in a cold climate. Plain grey on its own might be depressing, so be sure to add some swaths of color. Greige (grey + beige) gives more warmth but it does not deliver a truckload of energy. A warm and welcoming atmosphere for employees is a must.

Tint, Shade and Tone

Of course, all of the above colours can be modified. Too dark? Add white to change the tint. Too light? Darken with black. Want your yellow to look more golden and business-like? Add brown and white. The list goes on, but seriously, your renovation company will do all that for you, and you can keep running your business!

Ready for some Color?

If you would like to give your salesforce an energy boost, your management teams quiet areas for collaboration, or provide a peaceful waiting room for your medical clients, give us a call at (614) 863-1700 or contact us Here.


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