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Remodel Ideas For Your Commercial Restroom

Remodel Ideas For Your Commercial Restroom

What does your facility’s restroom say about you? About your organization? Is it updated, environmentally friendly and ADA compliant? Or is it worn down, an energy suck and not accessible to people with differences?

Depending on how you answer these questions, your restroom may need to be remodeled. To get you started with your remodel we’ve outlined a few of our favorite commercial restroom ideas.

If you want people to feel good about your restroom, they need to feel good about themselves.

Office restrooms shouldn’t be designed as an afterthought, but with just as much consideration as you give to your reception area or conference room. When your employees leave the restroom they should feel confident and refreshed.  But, the lighting in most restrooms is usually the bright, blue toned overhead lighting used in work areas. Used over mirrors this stark lighting will give images a  washed out look. Replace the overhead blue-tone LEDs with a warm, orange-yellow hue. Then when guests or your staff look in the mirror their reflection will have a softer, more refreshed appearance.

Move hand dryers or paper towel dispensers next to your sinks

Touch-free dispensers and fixtures help prevent contact between users. The fewer items touched in a communal area, the fewer germs and viruses are transported to other office locations. By installing a hands-free paper-towel dispenser or hand dryer next to the sink, messy, wet areas are eliminated, as well as the dragging of water and germs across counters and floors.

Bring the outdoors in

Choose wall colors that create a laid-back, soothing environment. Consider the blues and greens of the outdoors. For most people these are relaxing and tranquil colors.

Add some amenities

Place hooks for handbags and jackets or sweaters in stalls and on the side of counters. Flat-topped, toilet-paper dispensers are good places to put phones or purses. These  amenities are always appreciated and are a great help when using the facilities and washing your hands.

Install a grooming area

Create a separate grooming area out of the way of the sink. Hang a mirror over a counter or place a shelf or table under the mirror. Again, use ambient, indirect light that isn’t harsh. Add a full, length mirror to detect trailing toilet tissue on the bottom of shoes and your staff and guests will be happy.

Keep a fresh scent in the bathroom

Install an automatic, air-freshener dispenser. These devices keep the bathroom free of odors, but don’t release an overly-powerful perfume scent.

Keep your new bathroom clean

After your updated bathroom is completed, keep it clean and in working order. Frequently empty the waste baskets  and make the floors, toilets, sinks, counters and mirrors sparkle. Use lightly-scented cleaning products. Refill the paper towel and hand soap dispensers. Repair or replace loose handles, hinges, hooks and stall locks. Choose cleaning products on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) list N, to protect the janitorial staff and our environment, yet maintain good, cleaning standards.

The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)

The ADA outlines specific minimum and maximum, non-optional requirements that all commercial builders must adhere to. If your facility was built or renovated prior to 2010, it likely doesn’t meet ADA standards. Some concerns would be doorway widths, counter heights, bathroom stall dimensions, toilet placement, accurate placement of grab bars and sink height. Your builder and architect will advise you.

The bathroom is the one place in any business or commercial building that leaves the strongest impression on visitors and employees. A worn out, dingy and dirty bathroom makes anyone using it feel dirty. But, a spotless, freshly updated restroom makes everyone feel good about your company and themselves.