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Planning an office renovation? Don’t forget fit out costs

Planning an office renovation? Don’t forget fit out costs

An office fit-out includes the design, construction and furnishing of your workspace. To get the most out of your office renovation, take a bird’s eye view of the whole project – and evaluate the fit-out costs, as we walk you through our office fit-out best practices. There’ll be no surprises when the bill arrives.

What are the fit-out costs in an office renovation?


1) Hard costs

Often your biggest expense, this could account for 60% or more of your budget.

Materials and labor for mechanical, plumbing and electrical; fire alarms and sprinklers; framing, drywall, and ceilings; door frames and hardware; millwork, glazing, flooring and wall surfaces are included here.

2) Soft costs

Also called ‘Design and fees’, we include architecture, engineering, project management, consulting, permits, taxes, financing and legal fees in this category.

These costs normally represent 12% of your costs. Expect higher if you have financing expenses for the project as those are included in soft costs.

3) Furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E)

FF&E or FFE describes the items in a building project that aren’t normally part of the contract between the owner the building contractor. This mostly includes anything that isn’t part of the structure. However, some decorative ceiling or wall finishes and special lighting could be put into this group.

This category is very important in office design, so make sure to factor in an adequate amount – roughly 18% of your budget.

Desks, chairs, tables, bookcases, filing cabinets, partitions, couches, are a few of the items that you need to arrange for. What you choose will impact the final look and feel of your whole office renovation.

4) Tenant factors

This section might overlap with your FFE costs but reckon on about 12% of your budget.

Like FFE, (and all the categories for that matter) these costs reflect the number of people that will be working in the space.

Take into account: Audio/video installation, security costs and IT and technology costs. Moving costs, if any, are under this heading.

Wrapping it all up

We’re committed to creating interiors that are inviting and practical, that make your customers want to visit, and your employees want to stay.

As an office renovation company we know that communication is key.
We listen to what you want, fine-tune our services to work with your plans, and take care of everything from design to delivery.

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