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How your office build can affect your productivity

How your office build can affect your productivity

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Your office design has a huge impact on your employee’s daily life. Noise, space, seating type, lighting – all of these and more can either help, or hinder employee productivity. Finding the right balance in all of these variables is critical to office performance. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! You might get some office renovation tips for free too!

CEO’s new office

So what about that sprawling office with your own personal fridge and your big lounge chair? For all the CEO’s out there maybe this still seems attractive, but according to Entrepreneur, there are other ways that are being proven for productivity.  When you work right in with your team, you give them the impression you are working with them. This gives them the opportunity to reach out to you directly and ask questions they mightn’t have asked if you were in the big head office. You can can also collaborate with your team and celebrate their wins with them when you are right there in the office. You can evaluate your culture and it gives you the opportunity to address any issues immediately or introduce methods to boost your good culture.

A Productive Workspace

Productivity in the workplace has been a discussion topic in many circles and around the globe for years.  Number one, create opportunities for movement and mental breaks in your office. This can be anything from sit-stand desks to getting up and walking for a few minutes to clear your brain in between tasks. Getting plants in the office is another perk, but also a great productivity booster.  Also, giving your electronic gadgets a home, anything from smartphones to smartwatches and computers can have a specific home during work time to keep up your productivity.  In addition, keeping a clean desk, clear head policy, this will help your productivity immensely. However, you should add a personal touch to your desk: a picture of your kids or pets that will increase your productivity as well.

Productivity Boosters

There are many elements that that improve productivity within the office. Lighting, ambient noise, music, air quality, and temperature are all important elements. The lighting is important with both how much and what kind of light: natural or artificial lighting. Ambient noise such as a white noise which neutralizes employees talking and other activities in the office will help concentration. Music is another element that if piped in at low, undistracting volumes can have a positive impact on productivity. Air quality has a big impact on employees as well, which may not be realized right away but the air your employees are breathing and the quality of it can affect both their health and productivity. Temperature is also a part of this as having the correct temperature can affect your employees productivity.

Color Inspired Workspaces

Have you ever thought that color inspires or degrades your employees productivity? There are many different pieces of research out there suggesting that it does, so now might be a good time to listen to this research. What color walls do you have in your office? You may want different paint colors for different spaces as well, for example a calming light blue may be used in a break room, or a bright green in a collaboration space to inspire energy. There are also app controlled light bulbs which can illuminate a room in whatever color you choose for the task on hand.

Now that you have read this article, you now have some office renovation ideas, including repainting and reorganizing your workspace. Although these ideas may take a bit of working out, they will be fully worth it to get your team productive and on board for a stellar culture.


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