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How to finish your office remodel: Our guide to office decor

How to finish your office remodel: Our guide to office decor

Your office remodel is almost wrapped up. While functional and comfortable, it still looks unfinished. That’s because, how you decorate and furnish is almost as important as your design and build. Here are 7 steps to make sure that you get the most out of your office renovation.

Step 1

First stop, your mission or vision statement. Here lies your inspiration for the atmosphere you want to create in your office design. Choose the style you want with this in mind.

Have your logo visible, it goes hand in hand with your vision.

Step 2

Your brand colors were chosen carefully. Color schemes need a starting point, so what could be more apropos than your brand colors? If you need help getting it all together, find an interior decorator who knows their stuff.

Step 3

Incorporate some out-of-the-ordinary light fixtures to add some drama. There’s more to lighting than illuminating your office – even though this is important.

Step 4

Choose your own adventure with office partitions; – Wood, fabric, glass. Solid, slatted, or hanging. They don’t have to be boring to do the job. If storage space is a necessity, stylish shelving units can double as dividers. And research the really cool options like living walls!

Step 5

Contemporary furniture will make your office renovation shine.
A paperless or near-paperless workspace just doesn’t need a lot of the drawers, filing cabinets and shelves that seemed essential 20 years ago.

Form follows function, so focus on desks that work today. Your employees will benefit from work surfaces that transform easily into stand-up desks.

Seating should be comfortable – think ergonomic, but don’t forget your color scheme.

Step 6

And how about some artwork? Nothing spells creative like an interesting piece of art. It could be a painting, a framed photograph, or a sculpture. Whether you choose an old classic or something a little bit crazy by a local artist, it’ll add another dimension to your office design.

Step 7

Bring something organic in. Green plants give an authentic feel to the office environment. Some of them actually clean the air, but on top of that they bestow a feeling of calm. Use large and leafy plants to define areas and give privacy.

Plant care can be subbed out so that your plants always look their best.

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