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Going green: making your office more energy efficient

Going green: making your office more energy efficient

So many times as of recent we’ve heard the term “going green”
What does this actually mean for you in office renovation. How would this change or differ your office design? Well let’s explore for a few minutes some of the common office renovation ideas for going green.

Natural Light

Natural light is one of the commonly discussed options when going green. Your design for your new office would be well planned with a good selection of windows and glass doors that let in natural light. You could incorporate skylights in spaces where there isn’t extra wall space for including windows. Try designing a more open plan so that walls are kept to a minimum. If possible, cut some needed walls down to half walls. Think about choosing energy efficient lighting and using led lighting.

Choose Green Products

When changing or buying new furniture for your new space, put some careful thought into it. See if you can use some recycled or reclaimed materials for furniture instead of something brand new. Go for quality over the cheapest thing you can find.


Insulation is an important part of your building, so it’s good to make sure you have sufficient. So many times heating and cooling is being lost through poor insulation. Adding heaters and radiators to certain areas of the building will help so that depending on the number of people in each section, it can be adjusted. Different parts of the building may need a different thermostat as well.

How can you reuse and recycle?

How about donating some of your old furniture to charity. This will help rather than throwing everything in the trash. What about having a trash can that is centrally located? This will help with cutting down the trash cans everywhere. However you may want to have segmented trash especially in the break room.


Make sure you keep the air clean for your employees. How about choosing paint and materials for your renovation with a low VOC? Put more plants and greenery throughout the space as it has long been proven to improve air quality.

These points should all make your building more energy efficient and you should be well on your way to making your office more green.


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