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2020 Top Trends: Office Bathroom Renovations

2020 Top Trends: Office Bathroom Renovations

By their very nature, office bathrooms don’t dominate your office renovation. But they make a strong statement about your company – both to your clients and your employees. See how changes in the needs and behaviors of the work force, innovative technology and dynamic decorating are influencing trends in office bathrooms. So what’s new?

1 Single-user, gender neutral bathrooms

At first glance, this can look like an expensive alternative to the row of stalls, bank of sinks combo that we’re used to. However there are advantages.

  • Space saving
    Communal space is eliminated, while private space is increased. The floor area can be limited to what is needed for the toilet and sink. No ‘waiting area’ needed or added square footage for circulation around sinks and hand-dryers.
  • Cost reduction
    Fewer toilets overall are needed as each self-contained cubicle is available to serve any gender.
    The small size of a single-user bathroom allows them to be tucked into odd corners as opposed to allocating a large block of space.
    Less square footage = less building material costs.
  • Privacy

You go in and lock the door and that space is yours.
You rode your bike in this morning? Space to change and freshen up.
Like doing your hair and make-up with no audience? Go for it.

  • Gender equality

It’s yours now, whoever you are. No need to wait till the right bathroom becomes available.

2 Innovative technology

When it comes to bathrooms, smart can include as much as you want.
Considering the ever-present germ factor in bathrooms, the more touchless the better.

  • Occupancy and vacancy sensors save energy and remove one germy surface.
  • Digital touchless faucets sense the presence or absence of hands to be washed, reduce tap flow and provide temperature settings that save water and power.
  • Touchless soap dispensers.
  • Illuminated or LED Bathroom Mirrors enhance the beauty of any bathroom. Add to that built-in demisting and you have a winner.
  • Self-cleaning toilet bowls and anti-microbial seats are worth looking into.

3 Decorating trends for office bathrooms

Although you can’t go wrong with black, white or muted greys, an office bathroom renovation is a great chance to enjoy the current tendency towards something more interesting.
Worth looking at – Coastal themes featuring white-painted wood and an airy feel, biophilic design with the emphasis on natural materials and living plants, or a heavier industrial style with black matte fixtures.

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